Get Your Dental Implant Placed and Restored by Your Favorite Parkview Dentist

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that can create a perfect tooth replacement when combined with a state-of-the-art porcelain crown from Parkview Dental.

Dental implants are the best option for patients who are missing teeth, because dental implants are the only restorative dentistry treatment that restores both the tooth root and the tooth crown. Your tooth root fuses to your jawbone to provide added bone support. When that support is lost, the bone underneath can start to deteriorate.

Dental implants are made with a special titanium alloy that can fuse to your bone the same way your natural tooth root does. Using dental implants, we can prevent the bone deterioration commonly associated with tooth loss and help you stay looking younger longer.


Functionality | After your dental implant has been restored, it will function exactly like a natural tooth. You’ll be able to participate in all the activities you enjoyed before your tooth loss.

Beauty | Our porcelain crowns look beautiful and completely natural. You’ll be able to offer your loved ones a full, stunning smile again. Most people won’t even be able to tell you have an implant.

Durability | Dental implants can last as long as your natural teeth, with proper care and maintenance. A dental implant can be cared for along with the rest of your teeth with daily flossing and brushing.

Health | Dental implants reduce bone deterioration and can improve your oral health.
Stability | Implant dentistry can be used to secure implant-supported dentures.


When receiving a dental implant, a titanium rod will first be placed in the jaw. After placement, the bone regenerates and fuses the rod to the jaw through a process called osseointegration.

Contrary to how this may sound, the implant process is actually very straightforward. Through the use of computer guidance software and 3D technology, the implant placement is extremely accurate, safe, and low-risk.

Implants are one of the most popular tooth-replacement methods available. They look great, too! The crown is always custom made to fit in your mouth and closely match your natural teeth in size and color.


After you’ve had your implant placed, we can restore your implant with one of our beautiful, custom-made porcelain crowns. With a crown, your implant will become a perfect replacement for your natural tooth. To find out more about our dental implant restorations, call us at our office today!