Sedation Dentistry in Prosper, TX

Helping You Relax During Your Dental Treatment at Parkview Dental of Prosper

Do you hesitate to come to the dentist for treatment because you’re nervous? Does your dental anxiety keep you from getting the dental care you need? At Parkview Dental, we provide sedation dentistry for our patients who would like extra help relaxing in our office.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help Me?

Dental sedation is designed to help you relax during a dental procedure or treatment. Our sedation dentistry method is not total sedation. Rather, we offer sedation that helps your body relax while keeping you awake, which allows you to communicate with your dentist.

When you come to the dentist, do you feel tight? Do your muscles ache, and do you find it hard to sit still? Patients with even mild anxiety can be prone to fidgeting, making the dental visit difficult for both the patient and dentist.

Our team can administer laughing gas to just about anyone, with the exception of pregnant women. Laughing gas can help patients feel more comfortable during their visits.

Laughing Gas

Our office uses laughing gas as our primary method of dental sedation. Laughing gas is preferred because:

  • The gas rarely has any side effects.
  • The gas works almost immediately.
  • Laughing gas also stops working almost immediately—it doesn’t stay in the bloodstream after you stop breathing it.
  • You can drive yourself to and from your appointment without worry.
  • Laughing gas is considered safe for children.

Laughing gas is administered through a breathing mask and is effective for many of our patients. Children especially benefit as their relaxation produces a more calm environment for everyone, allowing the dentist to work efficiently.

Ready to Relax During Your Dental Treatment? Call Us Today!

At Parkview Dental, you can leave your dental anxiety at the door. Come in for your routine visit or to get a cavity filled, and we can show you how your visit can be more comfortable and even pleasant! Call us today to schedule an appointment.