Patient Amenities

Your Pampered Patient Experience at Parkview Dental

Your dental experience should be an enjoyable one. Our patients come to us because they know they are going to receive the best care possible, and they know we will do whatever it takes to make sure they have a wonderful dental experience. At Parkview Dental, we want you to feel as relaxed as if you were in your own home. Patients experience personal service as soon as they walk in the door and are pampered with an accommodating environment and staff. We offer a variety of amenities for your comfort and relaxation.

  • Our fridge is fully stocked with cold water.
  • Snacks are on hand for those needing a quick bite.
  • We have free WiFi available for your convenience.
  • All our TVs are mounted on the ceiling so you don’t have to stare at ceiling tiles or dental light during your appointment.
  • Our hot, lemon-scented towelettes are refreshing and relaxing.
  • We have some of the softest blankets you’ve ever felt, neck pillows, and back pillows to make your dental procedure comfortable.

We are strongly committed to our patients’ comfort, hygiene, and happiness. Dentistry should not be anything less than a pampered and pleasant experience. Our experienced office team is committed to the satisfaction and dental health of each patient. Please let us know if there is something we do not currently offer that would make your dental experience more enjoyable. We will try our best to meet your needs by your next appointment.

Please call our office and one of our team members will be eager to help you. We know you will be delighted, not only with the treatment, but with the way you are treated at Parkview Dental.