Dental Implants in Prosper, TX

Parkview Dental of Prosper Places and Restores Dental Implants!

Do you worry about your smile because of a missing tooth? Does your missing tooth cause problems with your bite? Parkview Dental can provide a dental implant that can fill in the gap in your smile.

Dental implants have become increasingly popular over the last decade thanks to quality material and advanced dental technology. Our dental implants provide a new artificial tooth root that is placed in the jawbone to strongly support a new tooth. The implant acts like a tooth root, giving your replacement tooth strength and stability that it wouldn’t have with other restoration methods.

Our dental implants are constructed with titanium alloy, a durable material that actually fuses with your jawbone over time. This fusion increases stability and creates a strong base for a dental crown.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

  • Aesthetic. A missing tooth can make you less confident in your smile. Sharing our smiles is a big part of our culture, and we want you to feel better about your smile. A dental implant can fill in the gap with a beautiful new tooth!
  • Longevity. Our dental implants are made of high-quality material that can last a lifetime. Caring for your dental implants is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Simply continue good brushing and flossing habits.
  • Stability and Strength. Dental implants offer better stability and strength than other tooth replacement options due to the titanium alloy implant root. Your tooth won’t wobble, and your dentures won’t slip.
  • Functionality. A dental implant can improve the functionality of your bite. A full smile can help your teeth come together more naturally, improving your ability to eat without problems and to speak clearly.
  • Oral Health. Did you know that a dental implant actually encourages bone regrowth? By placing a dental implant in your jawbone, the bone reacts by fusing with the implant and increasing bone density.

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